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by Gillian Clark

Starring: Ann-Marie Kerr 

Directed by: Christian Barry and Luciana Silvestre Fernandes 

Set Design by: Garrett Barker 

Costume Design by: Andrea Ritchie 

Sound Design by: Jackson Fairfax-Perry

Lighting Design by: Gloria Mok

Accessibility Coordination by: Sara Graham

ASL Interpretation by: Rhonda Kaassamani and Carolyn Carter 

Stage Managed by: Gloria Mok

Production Managed by: Zach Faye and Patricia Vinluan

Produced by:  Laura Vingoe-Cram and Colleen MacIsaac with Keep Good (Theatre) Company as part of Shakespeare by the Sea's 'By The Sea' series. 


Inspired by the classic story of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, PJ and his boys live on a boat called the S.S. Neverland (cuz, like, it's Never-On-Land). Wendy wears high-heeled flip flops while running through the woods at night. Mother Tree, our solo narrator, is a 300-year-old-tree telling the story of how the teens got to be standing on her highest branch, deciding whether they will fly, fall, or jump.


Click HERE to read a review from The Halifax Coast. 

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