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by Hannah Moscovitch 

Starring: Zach Faye, Lesley Smith and Freddy Muijca

Directed by: Laura Vingoe-Cram 

Consulting: Santiago Guzmán

Set Design by: Wes Babcock 

Costume Design by: Everette Fournier

Sound & Projection Design by: Jordan Palmer

Music by: Freddy Muijca

Lighting Design by: Alison Crosby

Stage Managed by: Chelsea Dickie 

Produced by: Alex Mills with Matchstick Theatre 

Directors Note: 

Mexico City tells the story of a 1960s era couple trying to rekindle their relationship by going to Mexico on holiday. The play grapples with themes of whiteness and tourism as a form of fetishization and colonization, through the lens of a bickering husband and wife on vacation. While the absurdity of the characters is tremendously funny, I hope our production will ask audiences to reflect on their own relationships with travel/tourism and the limits of the white gaze. I am very fortunate to be working with playwright and dramaturge Santiago Guzmán as a consultant on this project. Santiago is from Mexico City and has been an incredible resource navigating the best ways to bring this play to life.

I would like to thank Lesley Smith and Zach Faye for bravely taking on the characters of Henry and Alice in all their awful glory. Thank you to Frederic Mujica for providing the beautiful music for the show.


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