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By Lucy Kirkwood

Starring: Martha Irving as Hazel, Mauralea Austin as Rose and Lee J. Campbell as Robin 

Directed by: Laura Vingoe-Cram 

Set Design by: Stephen Osler 

Assistant Set Design by: Patricia Vinluan

Costume Design by: Andrea Ritchie 

Lighting Design by: Vicky Williams

Sound Design by: Tori Morrison 

Stage Managed by: Christine Oakey

Production Managed by Patricia Vinluan

Produced by: Karen Gross and Rena Thomas with Keep Good (Theatre) Company 

Director's Note: 

I was drawn to The Children by Lucy Kirkwood because it was so completely unlike any kind of play I had directed before. It was ‘traditional’ and that was exciting. In an age where theatre has become increasingly more abstract, immersive and site-specific it feels really good to do a play about people in one space, in one time, dancing around each other like a bunch of stray atoms until a reaction is made. Lucy Kirkwood writes deeply nuanced characters, while navigating some of the most critical issues of our time. She has written several hit plays that have gone on to have success all over the world and she is only thirty-five. Kirkwood takes you on a journey through the past, present and future of three retired nuclear scientists all in their sixties, and all grappling with guilt, denial and the world they will leave behind for future generations.

For me, the joy of directing is the process of helping the actors craft relationships that are rich with active emotional tension. This play makes this work both thrilling and terrifying. Luckily, some of the best seasoned actors in the province who have agreed to come on this journey with me. Thank you so much to this wonderful cast, Martha Irving, Mauralea Austin and Lee J Campbell. You guys made these past few weeks such a joy. You proved to me that intergenerational collaboration is both exciting and fruitful. Thank you to this wonderful production team, Stephen Osler, Vicky Williams, Christine Oakey, Patricia Vinluan, Tori Morrison, Andrea Richie, and Véronique Mackenzie. And a big thank you to the amazing co-producers Karen Gross and Rena Thomas for your true genius.



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